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Mauch Chunk Opera House

October 2015 -
The Mauch Chunk Opera House, seated in downtown Jim Thorpe, PA, is a historic icon of the community and is nationally respected as a venue for live performance and cultural events. We were honored to reface it's front wall (previously the bell tower) with a mural of this beautiful Victorian-style design. You can't pass by without noticing!
See below for project photos

Keystone Theatre Mural

July 2015 -
Operating as a movie theater, live performance venue and home to the Bradford County Regional Arts Council, the Keystone Theatre is the gem of downtown Towanda, PA.

This new series of murals facing Main St. will turn heads and serve as a continual reminder of the Arts Council's support of arts and culture.

 From left to right - visual art, theater, music, literature, dance, film/digital arts.

For final photos see slideshow below.
Photos by Lora Wiggins.

original sketch composite

Crayola Experience Mural - Orlando, FL

Crayola Experience Orlando, FL - mural in progress with Tessa Meier

February - June 2015 - Crayola invited us to paint the mural for their newest Crayola Experience location at the Florida Mall, Orlando, FL.  We were honored to once again be able to showcase the color and creativity that is Crayola's claim to fame.  Our huge yellow mural leaves no mistake as to Orlando's newest attraction, and engaged visitors even as it was still in-progress. 

This newest location will also house fun interactive exhibits and tons of hands-on activities for the whole family.  Crayola Experience Orlando will open to the public in Summer 2015.  Stop by and tell us what you think!

Click on the image to the left to see more photos from the project, or visit our Portfolio.

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Tyler Hill Camp Dance Studio Mural

March 2015 marked the completion of another exciting project - create an energetic and colorful mural for a children's hip-hop dance studio.
We think the kids will love it!
Check out a composite photo of the final product and an in-progress slideshow below.
Initial design for the mural
Final installation (apologies for the poor composite... the room was very narrow!)

Change of Seasons Mural - Moscow, PA

Update - "Change of Seasons" was completed at the end of May! Thanks go out to assistants Pamela Badger and Micaela Payne. Check out the slideshow below for in-progress shots and visit our portfolio for a collection of final photos.
In the Press:

Below is the initial design for "Change of Seasons" - a colorful mural detailing the history and community of Moscow, PA.  During the Fall of 2014 - Spring 2015, the mural will be painted and installed at the Market St. bridge in Moscow.  Final photos coming soon!

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Church Mural

May 5, 2014 - Installation photos from Altoona, PA. New Creation in Christ Ministries requested a mural to spruce up their wall. Design by Dee Landerman.


Kahramaa Globe

2014 - The new year marked a fantastic new project - a 3'4" diameter globe for the up and coming Kahramaa Awareness Park in Qatar. Kahramaa needed a detailed replica of the earth and an interpretation of it's fiery core. So, how did we do? 

Click on the photos above to see more...


Crayola Experience Mural - Easton, PA

The s
pring of 2013 at CBSS kicked off with a huge mural at none other than the Crayola Experience, a very fun project indeed! 

The Crayola Experience in downtown Easton, PA houses interactive exhibits and hands-on activities for youth and families. In a series of major renovations, our part was to showcase Crayola's new identity through a mural at the main entrance. The building is now open to the public with tons of fun new exhibits, and our big yellow wall framing the Pine Street entrance. You can't miss it.

Check out the slideshow below for more photos from the project, or click the photo to the left for our portfolio.

Crayola Mural in progress

Easton, PA

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New Wildlife "looks like taxidermy"

In early 2013, Scenery First, Inc. hired us to paint a series of parakeets and tropical fish for their wildlife diorama project. 

When these parakeets were installed at the site, a staff member panicked because the "taxidermied" birds were not being installed into a temperature-controlled display. 

Needless to say, he was amazed (and relieved) once he realized they were, in fact, painted. 


New Releases

The new album by Pharos Fables is out, with cover art by CBSS - Dedicated to the World is cerebral, tempestuous journey. From beach sounds to haunting melodies, this locally-produced album explores puzzles of morality and faith through lucid visions and all-too-real realities. Brilliantly imaginative, it's theme is that of a poet's life lived in bliss and in sin. 

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